Shaddy City

Shadrack "Shaddy" Oppong is a drummer and producer born and raised in Obuasi, Ghana and now based in Boston. He combines his African roots with musical elements and styles from around the world to create a unique and innovative sound. Apart from being a musician he also runs a project called SHADDY CITY, which aims to provide a platform for young Ghanaians to showcase their musical talents, raise awareness about the value of music education, and empower individuals to use music as a means of self-expression, community building, and economic development. By using music as a tool for economic development, SHADDY CITY aims to help young musicians turn their passion into a livelihood and contribute to the growth and success of their local communities.

The goal of the project was to create a visual identity for both Shaddy's musical practice with reference to the SHADDY CITY program, which is still being developed.

The logo and design system for Shaddy City stems from the name of the project, as well as the concept of community building and growth. The base of all branding assets is a single cube, which in different combinations make up different logos and graphics, including buildings, which together make up a city skyline. This modular visual system allows for the expansion of the branding as SHADDY CITY evolves. It also visually resembles an architectural drawing or blueprint, which again hints at the future plans for continuous explanation and construction.




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